Created by illustrator, writer, and designer Ana Maria Selvaggio,  aka Renmeleon, with the support of her family, Two Crows Market is the culmination of a combined love of independent creativity and building community.
     "Two Crows was started as a way to cross-pollinate the different creative circles my family and I were a part of - artists of all mediums, designers, writers, etc. I'm very "lift as you climb" and saw untapped resources within all of these circles, so I set out to make a creative Venn diagram of sorts. First with the shows and then with an eventual storefront. I view Two Crows as a safe space that promotes wellness for Kentucky's creatives and provides resources (directory in progress). For new artists who may not have show experience, it's a safe space and a jumping off point where they can learn, gain experience and confidence. For veteran artists, it's another opportunity to build community through their work, relax, make sales, and hopefully enjoy themselves in the process.
     "Our goal is to provide a support environment for creatives year-round from providing resources to training and creative workshops. It has always been important for me to empower other creatives with the tools they need to thrive." Selvaggio says. "There is room at the table for all of us."
     Selvaggio’s long-term goal is to launch a family-run, creativity-driven storefront that supports a Venn diagram of independent artists and creative groups across several mediums and disciplines.

Why "Two Crows"?

"I had heard a crow version of the Old English nursery rhyme about magpies years ago and 'Two crows for joy' stuck with me. Animal messages as guides have always played a big part in our lives. Crows are a symbol of transformation and intuition. They are seen as symbols of death, but it is a death to old ways and a bringing about of new beginnings, not death in the literal sense. Changing up how we all work together toward common goals, crow symbology worked."

A Long Creative History

Selvaggio has been a working creative in several mediums and industries since 1986. As a junior in high school in 1986, she sold her first logo for $200 and was hooked. Dabbling with graphic design and ‘desktop publishing’, she bootstrapped and aligned to her joys, a process she has written several books on.
     “It wasn’t till I had my daughter that I went supernova. My lymphatic system failed and it expedited my goal to work full-time from home. I started journaling, diving into writing, paper-crafting, and overlapped all of the skill sets I had picked up over the years.”
     Selvaggio involved her daughter in her creative process. Though she hoped she’d share in her interests, Selvaggio always exposed her to different options. Now on her own, her daughter has become a polymath like her mother. While she loves and works in several different mediums in both 2D and 3D art, over time she has gravitated heavily to drawing and character design as well as dabbling as a writer.
     An educator, speaker, and author, Selvaggio continues to support the creative communities around her. Two Crows Market holds three annual, mid-ranged art shows in Spring, Fall, and Winter with plans to grow in 2024. Selvaggio lives with her husband in Berea, KY. Both are educators and authors.

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