Market Guidelines - Please read, links at bottom.
Two Crows Market (herein TCM) is a juried, handmade goods event. Two Crows is Renmeleon and RockPaperFox (herein Two Crows). Visual & Craft Artists (herein Exhibitors).
Communication is paramount to the event running smoothly. Exhibitors are required to follow-up when contacted so that they do not miss any opportunities provided for them.
We will not accept Exhibitors who sell mass-manufactured merchandise imported from outside Kentucky. It is accepted that using findings or supplies from outside Kentucky is often unavoidable. (i.e. T-shirts must be designer-crafted or hand-printed. Absolutely no mass-manufactured/printed t-shirts from outside the United States will be accepted.)
Products that are wholly made outside the United States are not accepted.
If you are selling "scented" goods such as incense or perfumes, please make sure your products are sealed properly. Scented goods can be reactive for people with allergies. We would like both our other Exhibitors and visitors to enjoy the event.
Weapons of any kind are not allowed, this includes real, prop, or toy guns, blades, or anything with designated use as a weapon.
For compliance to these rules, please include photos or your website and/or social media as a representation of your work. 
Any Exhibitors whose merchandise is inconsistent with what was described in their application and depicted in the photographs or website/social will be removed from the show. No refund will be given. There will be no exceptions unless written permission has been given by Two Crows.

Displays & Electrical
Displays must look neat and professional. All items must be placed on a table, easel, grid, or display stand. For safety, grids and displays may not exceed 6 feet in height and be well anchored. There are no exceptions. Exhibitors must provide their own display panels, grids, easels, etc. Works cannot be propped up against railings, walls or planters. You must provide protection for the floor if you are demonstrating in your booth indoors.

Set-up & Staffing
Exhibitors may be given specific locations for parking, loading and unloading. Dollies will not be provided.
Exhibitors can set up between 7am and 9am day of show. Absolutely no setups will be allowed past 9:30am on the day of the show. This is to hold space for wellness and a relaxed transition from setup to fine tuning for our Exhibitors.
All booths must be staffed at all times during business hours. You must provide your own assistants. Volunteers may be available for short-term (5-15 minutes) relief only. TCM and the venue take no responsibility for loss, damage or theft. 
There will be a signup sheet available the morning of the event for any exhibitor who would like a volunteer to give them a 10-15 minute break. During that time, volunteers will not handle money.
Marketing & Promotion
Event press releases, announcements and promotions will be sent to news media, the social media accounts of Two Crows as well as Renmeleon as appropriate, and the community. 
Exhibitors are encouraged to create and email personal announcements to their patrons. Media kits, posters, and resources will be provided on the website.
Exhibitors are included in the digital Lookbook on acceptance and will need to provide an Artist Statement, one-paragraph bio, and 3-5 images with a range of products spanning their typical year. This is provided at no charge to the Exhibitor. TCM reserves the right to select images and remove Exhibitors at their discretion.

Permits & Sales
Exhibitors are in no way employees or agents of Two Crows, Two Crows Market, Renmeleon, or the Venue. 
The City of Berea requires all exhibitors to have a Berea business license. One-day "Peddlers" licenses can be obtained for minimal cost via the City of Berea site here. Exhibitors are responsible for obtaining their own business permits.
Exhibitors will transact all sales and retain all proceeds. It is the Exhibitors' responsibility to collect sales tax from all customers and to pay all applicable taxes.

Space Assignments
Exhibitors will receive exact space assignments before set-up. Location of space assignments will depend upon the TCM design and layout, fire department regulations, TCM and Venue requirements. Exhibitors who apply early may receive preferential spaces. Exhibitors requiring shipments must make arrangements independently; TCM cannot provide storage space nor will TCM receive shipped merchandise.

Removal of Exhibitors
As a family-friendly event, TCM reserves the right to remove any Exhibitor and/or their staff before or during the event for the following reasons listed below, without limitation: (Removal will result in the forfeiture of the entire booth rental fee paid.)
- Displays inappropriate, threatening/aggressive. or disrespectful behavior, such as and without limitation, yelling, excessive cursing, fighting, or intoxication.
- Behavior or signage considered by TCM or Venue to be disrespectful, inappropriate or harmful to TCM and/or Venue, their staff or volunteers, venue merchants or shoppers.
- Sells work that is not consistent with their approved items.
- Space continues to encroach into another Vendor(s) space(s) after fair warning.
- Space is closed or unattended during event hours.
- Work is inappropriate for family viewing or displays inappropriate signage.
- Allows someone else to replace them or sell in their booth space without prior TCM permission.
- Burns incense or uses materials that cause an odor or fumes.
- Sells incense, perfume oils, or mass-manufactured merchandise.
- Sets up in space not assigned to them and refuses to move when asked.
- Uses halogen lights or incandescent wattage in excess of 200 watts.
- Set-up violates fire department, TCM or Venue requirements.
- Booth is not consistent with TCM guidelines and Vendor refuses to come into compliance.
- Activity harms or damages in any way the walls, floors or fixtures of the Venue. Note: Exhibitors will be held financially responsible for the cost of any repair, replacement, and/or cleanup necessary as a result of their harmful activity.
- Fails to follow TCM guidelines and rules.

Exhibitor Benefits
Coffee and/or tea will be provided or discounted as available morning of. (Dependent on the venue.)
Bottled water will be provided for Exhibitors. We will have a volunteer distribute them throughout the day.
Exhibitors will be given a Welcome kit that will include:
+ A digital badge for display on their social media.
+ Access to printable posters - full size and quarter sheet, both are B&W and print on a normal home printer at 100%.
+ A copy of their table assignment and a map of the venue. This will also be sent as a PDF via email prior to the event once registration is closed.
+ A TCM logo sticker and other goodies provided day of.
Participating Exhibitors will be requested to provide feedback via Google Form after each event in support of the event's growth and improvement.
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Two Crows Market was started out of a love for independent creatives and community. If you are interested in supporting Two Crows Market,
please visit our Support page for more information or contact the owner via email at to start a discussion on collaborating.
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